Hospital Facilities  


Bed Strength and Ward Distribution - Hospital has hundred beds distributed in various disciplines as per necessity and requirement placed in male and female wards.

Stay and Diet Management - Necessary ayurvedic medicines and suggested pathya (Patient Diet) are given to the patient, which are specially prepared according to the direction given by the concerned physician.

Diagnostic Facilities - Hospital has the facilities of modern equipment in the pathology lab with all diagnostic aids.

X-ray Facilities - The hospital has 500ma x-ray machine for all radiological investigations. The hospital has ECG machine.

Operation Theater - The hospital has fully AC operation theater for necessary operation specially ano rectal diseases (Kshar Sutra Method) hernia, hydrocyle and other minor surgeries.

Panchkarma Facility - The hospital has a well-equipped panchkarma facility to provide treatment to both male and female patients by male and female therapist separately.

Emergency - 24 hrs. Emergency services are available in the hospital.

Ambulance Facility - The hospital has an ambulance facility on call basis to collect the patient in emergency and to refer the patients to specialized higher medical institutions.

Labour Room Facility - Hospital has labour room facilities with full arrangements to handle delivery cases.

Refraction Facility - Hospital has the refraction facility by expert doctors and eye & ENT experts’ examination with the help of modern equipments.